Dr.Sanjiv Sharma roots lie deeply connected with Jalandhar City & Jalandhar rural . Born in August 1963 at a small village Batura on Jandiala  Nurmahal Road in a Family involved in Agriculture & Transport . Father Joginder Pal Sharma a highly respected Congress personality of the area was Sarpanch (Unopposed ) for 4 terms with Mother Santosh Sharma leading Village Panchayat for 1 Term. The village had only 1 election for Panchayats- inlast 40 years, such is the Goodwill & repute of the family. GrandFather Gandu Ram Sharma was a Nambardar and did selfless service in Pre & Post Partition days. Father remained Director Land Mortgage Bank Goraya representing Nurmahal area for 10 years after defeating CPI-M stalwart directly backed by Local CPI-M MLA & Com.Harkishen Singh Surjit the CPI-M Politburo member.

Brother Sandeep Sharma again defeated CPI-M Candidate and Akali-BSP combine Candidate in Zila Parishad -Bundala Zone (village of Politburo member Comrade Harkishen Surjit) in 2002.

 Dr.Sanjiv had to struggle hard to complete his schooling upto ICSE ( 10 th Std.) at Jalandhar traveling 3 hours daily from Batura to Jalandhar for 10 years.A short 2 years Prep & Pre-Med at DAV College saw him comfortably sailing through Medical Entrance to bag a seat at Govt.Medical College Faridkot.Medical Graduation( MBBS ) was completed in 1987.
Post Graduation in ENT was pursued at Dayanand Medical College ,Ludhiana after seeking admission through a entrance exam.

His special attraction and bonding with Jalandhar saw him at Jalandhar City again in 1992 to work for his people medically and in social service.He has 900 medical camps in different Parts of Jalandhar till then. He is associated with Rural as well as Urban Jalandhar, serving the community at different Platforms ,be it IMA , Rotary , AAP or his vision punjab , creating a niche in social as well as Political Fields.

A dedicated AAP soldier aiming high to change the political scenario mismanaged by traditional parties.